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What is Zoho Mail? How to login to Zoho Mail Account?

The Internet was first launched as ARPANET back in the 1960s and then after certain modifications in 1983 it was named as Internet. The Internet has made those things possible which were possible in dreams. Through the internet we can go through live streaming, connect with the world, get information and do online jobs.

Most of the developed nations are moving towards digital trading which has been made possible due to the internet. Many of today’s services somehow use the internet as their medium. Email is one of those. Email or Electronic mail is the method through which anyone can send or receive messages, documents, images and any sort of file in just one click. Roy Tomlinson was the one who developed @ sign through which username and servers can be linked. He was the first person to send the email. Zoho Mail is one of the famous email services.

Zoho Mail is the online web based email service that allows you to send and receive messages. In this article we will discuss What is Zoho Mail? What are the features of Zoho Mail and How to Login to Zoho Mail Account just like Hotmail account?

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is an amazing web based email service like hotmail that allows you to send and receive messages in an instant. It offers you ad-free services. Zoho Mail comes with lots of storage and allows you to experience fast and clean email service that provides powerful features that help you in your business and daily life works.

Sridhar Vembo is the current CEO of Zoho company and owns about 88% of the shares along with its family. This email service was started in 1996 and currently there are more than 35 million active users of Zoho Mail. Zoho company also has launched the Mobile App both for android and IOS users, so that their users can easily access Zoho Mail and can enjoy the latest features.

Key Features of Zoho Mail

Following is the list that includes the key features of Zoho Mail.

● High security option
● Storage up to 5 GB
● Organized emails
● Application for Android and iOS
● Migration options and can be access from anywhere
● Control panel and online office.
● Email & CRM
● Provide all advance features

Zoho Mail is launched by the Indian company Zoho and it offers many other important features
other than the above mentioned.

How to login to Zoho Mail Account?

In order to login to Zoho Mail Account you have to follow the following steps. By following these steps you can also login to hotmai account.

1. Visit or you can simply open the Zoho Mail application.
2. Click on the sign in option and a new window will appear.
3. Now enter your Zoho Mail email address and then proceed further.
4. Now enter your secret password and click on the sign in option.
5. Now you have successfully logged in to your Zoho Mail account.

Hope you like the information but if you still have any issue then visit the official site of Zoho Mail and tap on the help option. Here you will find all necessary information regarding Zoho Mail.



Primewire Alternatives: Sites Like PrimeWire To Watch Movies

Primewire is one of the highly recommended online streaming websites that is considered one of the best free movie streaming sites. Primewire is one of the oldest online movie streaming sites that offers the latest collection of different movies, TV serials and TV shows, documentaries, seasons and much more. This site can be easily reached and has a simple interface so that anyone can find its desired movie or show very easily. In this article, we will provide you with a list of sites like primewire to watch movies.


1. Popcornflix

You don’t have to create an account or register yourself to enjoy the amazing free services of Popcornflix. It falls in the category of free online streaming websites that has much more to offer than any other similar online streaming website. This site is famous for movies, serials and web series and once you find the desired movie, then you can begin live streaming directly.

2. Tubi

Tubi is a free online streaming site that offers tons of movies and TV series. It generates its revenue through ads supported content. It has been famous for reality TV,  kid shows and cartoon movies, but also offers a wide range of movies and other shows. You can select genres of your own choice and most famous among them are action, classic, comedy, documentary, family movies and thriller.

3. IMDb TV

This site is owned by Amazon and offers ad-supported free streaming. Comedy, Action and Adventure, Thriller and documentaries are its major genre. This site has an app which is available on the app store and play store. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to primewire. Also, it requires free login, and after that, you can enjoy unlimited online streaming.

4. Pluto TV

This site provides you with unlimited content and is the best alternative to primewire. Movies from all categories are available in large numbers. But a most amazing feature of this site is that it has a live TV section and you can watch anything at any time from Fox Sports and Pluto Movies.

5. Netflix

Netflix comes at the top and is the best website for online streaming, also it is one of the most famous paid websites throughout the world. It is famous for its original content with ad-free streaming. Many famous movies, web series, TV shows, anime and cartoon movies, documentaries are available on Netflix. As it is the paid website so you can avail its unlimited services after paying a small monthly amount of 7.99$ – 12.00$.

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